Writer/Editor -- Disney Theme Park Content

Digital media company looking for an editor and writer for our online properties and products.

We are a small, dynamic new media company that does things a little differently. We look for team members who thrive on setting their own strategies and working with colleagues virtually to achieve success.

Candidate can be located anywhere and will work flexible hours to contribute and edit web and product content with a Disney theme park focus. Candidate must have a comprehensive and consistently up-to-date knowledge of Disney Parks.

This candidate will be responsible for a variety of projects that will require strong editing and attention-to-detail. While this position does have creative components, it will demand high quality control; the candidate will be responsible for final edits and preparing products for release to our audience, clients, and customers.

The successful candidate will enjoy the benefits of a results-only work environment. We treat our team members as partners and simply require that they deliver results consistently and ethically.

We're learning something new every day, and we're looking for candidates who enjoy the type of work that includes problem-solving and encountering brand new concepts and situations daily. In the ever-evolving environment of online content, the rules change quickly; the successful candidate will not only keep up, but will be a trend-setter.

We're growing fast and offer tremendous possibilities for those who are able to capitalize on the opportunity.

Primary Tasks
The position requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and content editing ability. Tasks will include:

  • Creating and editing online and product content
  • Developing and executing a system for content quality control, and serving as the final editor on several projects
  • Editing a variety of online content. This can include edits of writing/grammar, html, photos, books, etc.
  • Providing any other support to ensure content meets Cambrick Yard's high standards of professionalism, consistency, authenticity, and reliability

Experience and Skills

  • Strong attention to detail and project follow-through
  • Ability to work well with team members and co-workers
  • Thorough and expansive knowledge of Walt Disney World and Disneyland
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong experience with the Wordpress platform
  • Excellent, entertaining writing ability. Funny/Humorous writing is a plus
  • Multi-media skills; familiarity working with video and photo editing is a plus
  • Experience with the Drupal online platform is a plus
  • Experience with the Open Office platform is a plus

This position is a 1099 Independent Contractor position. If you are interested in applying, please send a resume AND recent Disney-related writing sample to [email protected]. Include suggested hourly rate and hours available each week. We regret that we aren't able to reply to every application.

NOTE: Hiring company is NOT part of, affiliated with, or associated with the Walt Disney Company, its affiliates, or its subsidiaries.