Podcast Writer/Producer/Audio Engineer

Who You Are:
You’re looking for a career where you can create audio stories that grab attention through compelling information, honed talent, and perfect sound engineering. You know how to craft a podcast from start to finish -- concept, recording, mixing, and production. You have the ideas and the motivation to make content nobody’s ever dreamed of before. You want to conceive and create the story that everyone’s talking about.

We want you here. Your creativity and prowess will be the backbone of the audio content produced by our company. You will be managing all aspects of podcast production from concept to recording to mixing and publication. This is the ground floor and you’re in charge. This role will serve as the producer for all elements of pre-production, production, and distribution of Cambrick Yard podcasts -- this includes managing and producing content for publication on all platforms as well as all aspects of audio production. You will be part of a team focused on developing a diverse slate of original audio content for Cambrick Yard. The role is based in the Dallas, TX, area.

Please include in your cover letter three podcasts that you think are doing particularly innovative work.

Job Description:
Responsible for all aspects of audio production: scheduling, interviewing, recording, assembling, mixing, and publication of episodes, including recording interviews in the field and at events when necessary
Help conceive story ideas, develop a narrative structure for stories, and build complex narrative stories
Conduct interviews and recordings and develop storylines out of interviews
Incorporate feedback from the creative team
Finalize technical aspects of podcasts
Manage the production schedule of shows (theme selection, scripts, recording, sponsorship spots, etc)
Responsible for the final check as each episode goes live on platforms
Communicate regularly and in a timely manner with creative team
Contribute fresh compelling ideas
Collaborate with creative team to plan the arc of podcast seasons
Help build and shape an expanding portfolio of podcasts within our team

2-3 years of audio production experience working in radio or podcasting.
Strong audio editing skills and experience with audio editing software
Knowledge of best practices for multi-track audio editing
Abilities to produce short and long form content
Ability to work efficiently under pressure
Ability to maintain high attention to detail in a fast paced environment
Experience recording in a studio setting as well as in the field
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Interviewing and writing skills a strong plus
Disney Theme Parks knowledge also a plus
Writing/Editing and Journalism experience a major plus

Please submit cover letter and resume to [email protected]