Nights/Weekends Writer and Editor -- Disney-Related Content

We are a small, dynamic new media company that does things a little differently. We look for team members who thrive on setting their own strategies, but who can collaborate with a team to achieve success.

This candidate will be responsible for a variety of projects that will require strong writing, editing, and attention-to-detail. In our business, stories can pop up at any time and we have to be ready to react on a moment’s notice, so having a somewhat flexible schedule is ideal.

We're learning something new every day, and we're looking for candidates who enjoy the type of work that includes problem-solving and encountering brand new concepts and situations daily. In the ever-evolving environment of online content, the rules change quickly; the successful candidate will not only keep up, but will be a trendsetter.

We're growing fast and offer tremendous possibilities for those who are able to capitalize on the opportunity.

Primary Tasks
--Must be available 4+ hours evenings during the week (6-10PM EST) and 8+ hours each day on weekends (beginning at 8AM EST).
--The position requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, grammatical prowess, and editorial ability.
--Creating, editing, and publishing Disney-related online content, which could include quick news writing, high-level editorial thought pieces, viral marketing writing, guidebook writing, video script-writing, and more.
--Must have a comprehensive and consistently up-to-date knowledge of Disney Theme Parks
--Providing any other support to ensure content meets Cambrick Yard's high standards of professionalism, factual consistency, authenticity, and reliability

Skills & Experience
--Strong attention to detail and project follow-through
--Journalism background
--Dedication to perfect grammar and word choice
--Engaging writing style
--Ability to work well with team members and co-workers
--Thorough and expansive knowledge of Walt Disney World and Disneyland
--Strong organizational skills
--Experience with the Wordpress platform
--Excellent, entertaining writing ability. Funny/Humorous writing is a plus
--Experience with the Open Office platform is a plus

Please submit resume, cover letter, and writing sample (or link to portfolio) to [email protected]. This is a 30-40 hour per week position, working nights and weekends. Candidate may work remotely and will start as a 1099 Contractor in this position. Please indicate in your cover letter your 1099 Contractor hourly rate.

NOTE: Hiring company is NOT part of, affiliated with, or associated with the Walt Disney Company, its affiliates, or its subsidiaries.