Why Cambrick Yard?

Scanning the sky today I feel a twinge of sadness at the distinct absence of flying cars and personal jet packs.  When I was young I was assured that these would be a common feature of the future.  If you’re anything like me, today’s world may not be the utopian future you were expecting, but let me assure you of something: We are living in a future in many ways more wonderful than what we visualized when we were young.  Most people still haven’t recognized this promise, but at Cambrick Yard we’re trying to help people capitalize on it.

The future we’re living in may not offer flying cars but it offers you something much more valuable: freedom.  People have options today that they never would have conceived of even fifteen years ago.  The rise of the Internet offers you nearly unfettered access to information and tools that can allow you to do nearly whatever you want.  While no amount of stress and strain is going to get you your readily-available jet pack, freedom is right there for the taking.

A simple example of a freedom available to you today is your work environment.  Do you work when, where and how you want?  Why not?  We have a results-only work environment here for many reasons, but one of the simplest reasons is because we can.  Getting paid to go to a specific place to work may have made sense in an era of manufacturing, but today tools and information are at your fingertips.  This is an obvious freedom that should be widely available, but few are experiencing it.

At Cambrick Yard we’re also working on the other side of the equation.  The availability of information is a driver of today’s freedoms, but society needs more and more of it.  Every piece of information that we can put out there for consumption is one more step towards someone else’s freedom.  We provide content and information products to help others achieve their goals.

We founded Cambrick Yard to help build the future in which we want to live.  We’ve all been struck by how the web has enabled us to build things we’re passionate about quickly and connect with the people who want access to them. We want to help you be free to do whatever you want, whether that’s by joining our staff or just using our products.  Coming from a company that writes about travel and entertainment as well as finance and business this may sound grandiose, but we truly believe it.  You have an unprecedented opportunity to be free and Cambrick Yard wants to help you realize it.

About The Author: Charles W

Because we won't let him write any of our real websites, Charles insists that we let him write on the Cambrick Yard blog. Allegedly he also handles technology here, but we've never seen much evidence of that.