Marketing Coordinator

We are a small, dynamic new media company that does things a little differently. We look for team members who thrive on new challenges and who want to be part of a cutting-edge company experiencing exponential growth.


Join our team as a dynamic Marketing Coordinator to bring fresh, energetic ideas to our audience. The ideal candidate is someone deeply familiar with marketing funnels and possesses a relentless drive to innovate and improve. If you are someone who seeks to understand the 'why' behind each action and thrives on creating efficient, repeatable processes, we want you on our team.

Primary Tasks:

  • Implement and manage email marketing campaigns, social media advertisements, and other digital marketing efforts to drive customer engagement, traffic, and sales.
  • Analyze data, track performance, and inform marketing decisions. 
  • Understand marketing funnels to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Utilize Shopify and Google Analytics to understand behavior, track performance, and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Constantly seek innovative and emerging solutions and strategies in marketing and content creation.
  • Utilize advanced project management software (e.g., Asana, Wrike, Slack) for effective planning, tracking, and execution of projects.
  • Embrace and contribute to our culture of excitement, fun, and professional dedication.

Skills & Experience:

  • Strong analytical skills with proficiency in Excel/Google Sheets. Experience with Google Looker Studio or other BI tools is a bonus.
  • Solid understanding of marketing funnels and customer acquisition strategies.
  • Experience with email marketing, social media advertising, lead generation, and/or e-commerce platforms like Shopify.
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics and the ability to derive meaningful insights from data.
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving and the ability to generate scalable, successful marketing processes.
  • A keen eye for detail, with the capacity to identify problems and opportunities in processes.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively within a remote team environment.


Please submit your resume and a cover letter, to [email protected]. In your cover letter, kindly address the following:

  • Share an example of when you had to dive deep into data to uncover a hidden opportunity or challenge. Describe the process you followed and the innovative solutions you proposed based on your analysis. How did your findings influence the marketing strategy?
  • Imagine you are responsible for developing a marketing strategy to increase email sign-ups for people interested in the fictitious new Disney World park “Villains.” Describe in brief what marketing assets you would need and what channels you would use to execute your strategy. How would you track your success?